Written by our founding pastor, Chad Graham, who has moved on to complete a PhD in Edmonton as of mid-2016:

"Thank you for taking the time to explore this website. Talking to people who visit our church, I realize that many people are interested in knowing something about the pastor. My name is Chad Graham, I am married and you can meet my family when you visit the church.

As a pastor, my primary role is to "feed [Christ's] sheep" (John 21:17). For that reason, we have made sure that our church is structured around the word of God. We value expository preaching (explaining the message of God, in his own words), spiritual leadership (using the gifts and resources the spirit provides for edification), and biblical community (for encouragement and accountability).   

“What you can expect from Grace, is a church that is different from the culture around us in our worldview and in our lifestyle; a church that is excited about living and proclaiming the truths of God’s unchanging word.”

 “We have conscientiously turned away from religious techniques, sociology, psychology, and the wisdom of the world, because we believe that Christ builds His Church, by the power of His Spirit, working through His Word. We seek to unleash the power of God, in a world desperately in need of it." 

We invite you to join us as we continue to discover the gospel’s enduring power for our lives (visit Grace), learn more about the Gospel (Meet Jesus Christ), or contact me by email."

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Curriculum Vitae   

NABC (Taylor University College) A.A.R. 1999, B.C.S. 2000, The Master’s Seminary –transferred 2001 to Briercrest Seminary MDiv 2003, Liberty University M.A. 2007, S.T.M. 2013,  Southen Baptist Theological Seminary DMin (cand. completion 2015).

1996-2005 Various -Regular Camp and Conference Speaker, 2003-2005 Riverbend Baptist Church -Pastoral Assistant, 2005-2006SISA –Teacher, 2007-2008 Okotoks Evangelical Free Church–Adult Ministries, 2008-2013 Grace Evangelical Free Church of Calgary, Founding Pastor. GraceLife Church of Calgary (Formeryly Grace EFC) 2014-Present.